Why Choose Enhale?

We provide a healthier, safer indoor environment for your business, employees, customers and all building occupants

Improved Air Quality
Up to 99.9% Improvement

Enhale technology reduces airborn particles while killing viruses, bacteria, and mold in the space using naturally occurring ions and without creating ozone. Enhale also controls allergens and odors using its patented needlepoint ionization process.

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Energy Savings
20-30% Energy Reduction

Save in energy consumption. Enhale technology allows commercial buildings, one of the largest consumers of energy, to safely reduce the amount of outdoor air exchange required to operate. This equates to a safe, comfortable environment while consuming as much as 20%-30% less energy.

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Environmentally Friendly
Our technology creates no Ozone.

Enhales’ patented technology cleans air far more effectively, with no harmful byproducts and it generates the same ions as Mother Nature without developing detectable ozone. 3rd party testing confirmed ozone levels less than 0.00PPM! Enhale applications reduce the amount of energy necessary to treat and clean air, which in turn reduces energy production –thus lessening pollutants for a lower environmental impact.

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Third-Party Testing
Enhale technology has proven claims

Independent 3rd party testing by multiple entities including Prism Analytical Technologies, EMSL Labs (a CDC Elite Rated Lab), ATS Labs, Bureau Veritas, and Green Clean Air are just a few sources that have lab and field tested GPS’ products to verify the effects of the patented cold plasma technology.

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Enhale IAQ Engineering Software=Energy $avings

Utilizing ASHRAE 62.1 Indoor Air Quality Procedure, and Enhale’s technology, the Tampa Bay Arena avoided over 700 tons in chiller capacity, reduced first costs by over $1 million and saves over $115,000 per year in energy.

Thousands projects have been designed using Enhales’ IAQ software based on ASHRAE 62.1 With Enhale Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Software/spreadsheet & ASHRAE 62.1
• Runs both VRP and IAQP calculations
• Provides tons of Energy $ saved in outside air reduction
• Creates product schedule based on selections
• Enhale’s software is available for free!

Enhale provides both installation supervision and startup support for customers that request those services. Enhale’ products are easy to install and simple to maintain.


Tampa Bay Times Forum Arena – Over $115,000 annually in energy savings!

Enhale Technology I-BAR Installation

Utilizing Enhale’s air technology to clean the air in the building, the outside air was reduced to 107,500 CFM for a total savings of 94,274 CFM.  The outside air reduction was permitted by the ASHRAE Standard 62  Indoor Air Quality Procedure (IAQP) as well as the International Mechanical Code.  The reduction in outside air saved over 700 tons of cooling capacity. The annual energy savings by running 700 tons less cooling capacity will save the owner over $115,000 annually.

Minus equipment costs,  with Enhale’s technology the Forum Arena saw an overall savings of greater than one million dollars!

The Results

In addition to the enhanced energy and cost savings realized on this project, the Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC) sensors showed there was exceptional improvement in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) . The corona of energy created by Enhale’s technology also breaks down the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s), odor and smoke molecules.  The cold plasma (bi-polar ions) produced by Enhale’s technology will agglomerate particles, making them larger and easier to filter. Enhale’s technology has also been independently validated by EMSL Labs to kill pathogens in the space, unlike any other technology.

Utilizing Enhale's technology & ASHRAE 62.1 (IAQ) , the Tampa Bay Arena reduced Cost and Energy consumption
Annual Energy Savings:
. . . . . . . . . .
Cooling Load Reduction:
. . . . . . . . . .
700 Tons
Facility Type: Sports/Entertainment Enhale technology application used: (24) 144” IBAR’s
89.7% total particle reduction after Enhale technology iBar installation
The Problem

A large Midwest medical device manufacturer contacted Enhale due to a new chemical being introduced into the manufacturing process that was creating odor issues for the employees working in those rooms and adjoining spaces that shared the same air handling system. Upon reviewing the molecular structure of the chemical, it was determined that Enhale’s cold plasma technology could control the odor effectively.

The Solution

An Enhale iBar system was installed on the air entering side of the cooling coil in the air handler, conditioning the clean rooms.

The Results

After installation of the Enhale iBar system, the odors were eliminated in less than 24 hours. The Enhale iBar system also provided a pleasant surprise to the owner when the annual cleaning room certification occurred. The clean room certification company found the total particle counts to be 89.7% less than any other time prior to the Enhale iBar installation, which includes over 10 years of prior testing with similar, consistent results.

Enhale technology reduces particles, control odors, and kill pathogens.
June 2013
(Before Enhale)
. . . . . . . . . .
2000 Particles
June 2014
(After Enhale)
. . . . . . . . . .
206 Particles *
Enhale's iBar installed and activated 6 months prior to 2014 testing.