Our Mission

Enhale's mission is to bring to the international marketplace its proprietary, cutting-edge HVAC products that substantially increase energy efficiency and dramatically improve indoor air quality

Who We Are

Enhale Technology is a pioneer in needlepoint bipolar ionization cold plasma technology. With 16+ patents granted, and numerous other patents pending, Enhale Technology is the proven solution to improving Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) while offering potential energy savings to your business.

Enhale has developed products for the residential, commercial and industrial HVAC markets. Nearly all of Enhale’s products are 100% USA raw material sourced and manufactured in Savannah, GA.

We provide both installation, supervision and startup support for customers by request. Enhale’s products are easy to install and simple to maintain. We are the market leading experts on improved Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

Breathe easier with Enhale.

What We Do

*Assess your unique challenges related to HVAC energy consumption and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

* Identify which Enhale products can provide you with the best solution

* Calculate a preliminary ROI on the proposed Enhale products

* Design and install your customized Enhale system

* Maintain and service your Enhale system

* Provide periodic reassessments of your HVAC energy and IAQ issues as your needs may change


Our patented technology has numerous applications including commercial buildings, airports, arenas, automobiles, cruise ships, yachts, trains, and more!

Commercial Buildings
Cruise Ships & Yachts

Global Installations

Our patented technology is a proven solution to improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), providing cost and energy savings for leading organizations. Enhale technology has been installed in over 200,000 locations worldwide.